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Home Owners

Do you have real estate in the greater Monterey Bay area that you would like to sell?  Give us a call. We will make you a fair offer, either cash or one with payments, whichever you prefer.

Here are a few benefits to working with us:

  1. We will buy your property in as-is condition.
  2. You will not have to make any repairs or pay for inspections.
  3. You can leave any unwanted personal property behind.  We will take care of it.
  4. No commissions or closing costs will come out of our offer, it is a “net to you” offer.
  5. We can close in 14 days if necessary or if you need time we can extend escrow up to 90 days.
  6. We can close with the current tenants in the house.

The closing will take place under the supervision of an established title company, either First American Title or Old Republic Title.

Step 1:  Call us (10 minutes)
We would like to have a 10 minute phone conversation so you can tell us about your property and help us understand your needs.  If at the end of our conversation you feel it makes sense to move forward, the next step is an appointment for us to come meet you and see the property.

Step 2:  What to expect on your appointment: (1-2 hours)

  1. Give us the tour!  We would love to know why you originally purchased this house, what you like about it, favorite memories,  what’s the good bad and ugly. Every house has a story. Let’s hear it!  What repairs are needed?  If we were to do an inspection, what would we find?
  2. Want do get down to business?  No problem! Let’s sit down and have a conversation. Tell us what it is you need!  We would like to ask you some direct questions to help us understand your situation; your timelines and what exactly you are trying to accomplish by selling your house.  We would like to know your expectations of net selling proceeds and what exactly it is you need to get you to your desired outcome.  I’d like to answer any questions you have about our company; how we work, what the process is like when you are dealing directly with a buyer, who pays for what, etc.
  3. If we both feel there is a fit, we would like to spend a second hour at your property doing an inspection and running our numbers to figure out exactly what we can offer that will meet your needs.
  4. Let’s work on a decision.  If our offer makes sense to you, great.  We can discuss next steps.  If our offer doesn’t make sense to you, tell us!  You won’t hurt our feelings.  Tell us where we went wrong and what does work.

If you choose to do business with us we commit to giving you peace of mind, in exchange for a reasonable discounted sale or mutually beneficial terms.  We commit to doing what we say we will do, being fair, firm, honest, transparent and open, addressing your concerns and treating you with respect.

Please share with us what it will take to do business with you.  We enjoy the opportunity to deliver our promise.

Sincerely, The LB Equity Team


We want to work with you!  Do you have or know of a listing that has some challenges and is not selling?  Is your seller in a unique situation and needs a reliable closer or creative solution? Give us a call.  We strongly feel that a big portion of the value we bring in real estate purchases is understanding the sellers situation and being able to come up with a offer that makes sense to them.  Please share with us why your listing makes sense as an investment and what your seller is trying to accomplish by selling their house.  We will do our best to come up with an offer works for everybody.

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